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Parental Choice Programs

St. Peter–Immanuel Lutheran School participates in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. The program provides free tuition for qualifying families. Click on the Enrollment button to begin the application process on the Department of Public Instruction website. 
To be eligible, students must reside in the City of Milwaukee, in a household that meets the income requirements set by the program. To apply for the program, a parent or guardian must visit the Department of Public Instruction website to submit an application for one or more participating schools. Here are step-by-step instructions for completing the online application. Once this is complete, the parent or guardian must provide proof of residency (utility bill, paystub, government correspondence) and proof of income (2019 taxes) to the school where he/she applied.
The LUMIN Schools enrollment period for the 2020-21 school year is as follows:
February 3-20
March 1-20
April 1-20
May 1-20
June 1-22
July 1-20
August 1-20
September 1-14
December 1-Jan 5
Participating schools are not obligated to accept a student if the desired grade is full. When a particular school reaches its capacity in one or more grades, it adds students to a wait list. Every year, many students on the wait list receive seats at the school of their choice. Parents with children on a wait list are encouraged to keep in communication with the staff at the school for this very reason.